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Researching in the

Norlands encourages academic research on the Washburn generation that helped shape Mainethe context of the time, and the influence those times had on rural Maine.

The Washburn Archive is housed in The Kerk Kelsey Research Room, a climate-controlled space in the basement of the 1873 Washburn Memorial Library on the Norlands Estate.  Access is limited to those working with Norlands’ Historic Research & Curation Manager on-site.

Please start your research journey by giving us some preliminary information.  Once you have filled out our Research Request, Norlands’ Historic Research & Curation Manager will work with you to achieve your research goals. 

Professional Research Services
~ Norlands’ Living History Center provides professional research services billed at $40 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours ($80). We recommend beginning with 2 hours, then having direct conversations with the Historic Research Manager if more directed research is needed, or if questions arise. 
  On-Site Guest Research
~ If you plan to be on-site to conduct your own research, our Historic Research & Curation Manager must accompany you to the Kerk Kelsey Research Room and be present at all times to assist in the locating of primary materials.
~ Time in the Washburn Memorial Library Archive is billed at $30 per hour with a maximum allotted time of 3 hours per day.  
~ We are currently open for on-site “Guest Research Days” on Thursdays only.