Things are happening at Norlands!

Experience Norlands as it was in 1870 ​- as it is today.

Discover Norlands

Norlands is a 400-acre estate which includes a stately Victorian country mansion with farmer’s cottage, a gothic-style granite library, a Universalist meetinghouse, a one-room schoolhouse, and an expanse of picturesque working farmland.

Community Gatherings

Special things happen at Norlands - mostly when it involves the whole Norlands Community.

School-age Educational Learning Experiences

Students learn how life was in the 1870s by doing the things Norlands residents have done since its founding.

Dirigo - I Lead

Who were the remarkable Washburns who built Norlands, led states and people, invented, explored, innovated and always returned home to Maine?

Powered by People & Tools

Take a Rural Arts Course and re-discover the tools and skills that built rural Maine.

Powered by Animals & Natural Energy

Experience life on a working farm in the 1870s (and today).