Site Tours

The wheel of time turns slowly at Norlands.

A site tour gives Norlands’ visitors a largely unchanged landscape 

as it was in the mid-1800s.

The jewel in the center of the Washburn Estate – the 1867 mansion.

Original to the mansion, the Carriage House – once used for horse & buggy – is now Norlands’ admissions office & Gift Shop.  Don’t forget to stop by on your way in – and on your way out!  Norlands once had a mercantile on the property, our gift shop serves that same role for local vendors.
Built in 1828, the Universalist meetinghouse is the oldest building at Norlands and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the first church in Livermore to have a steeple. The spire is 105 high. 
Norlands one-room schoolhouse (representing 1853)
After a 2008 fire burned down the Edwardian barn, the Norlands Community rebuilt what now stands as a replica of the original barn of the 1870s.
PictureIn 1883, the granite, gothic-style library was built for and dedicated to Israel & Martha Washburn and to the community of Livermore, Maine.