Norlands Exhibits

Coming in October - Death & Mourning - A New Norlands' Haunted Exhibit.  

How did our ancestors process death?  See Elihu Washburn’s death mask.  A crown of human hair??!! 

 Visit Norlands through the month of October to learn some of the peculiar ways we mourned our dead in Victorian times. 

Hear the tragic stories of the Washburn’s who succumbed to early deaths and how the family honored their legacy. 

The stage is set for a Victorian funeral in Norlands’ Mansion.  Pay your respects during your self-guided tour.

From Fleece to Mittens – a new “Norlands Touch Exhibit”

Learn how our sheep, Dora’s, fleece becomes a warm pair of mittens. 

 You can card raw wool, try weaving, and watch our interpreters use Norlands’ spinning wheels and spindles to turn wool into yarn. 

Kids will love all the touch friendly activities!  Come visit the fiber arts area in the Barn.

Available whenever you visit Norlands’ as part of your regular self-guided tour.

Governor Israel Washburn, Jr. - A Man from Maine & for Maine.

One of the few Washburn sons who stayed in Maine – except when he was in Washington serving as a representative & helping to found the Republican party.

Portland Customs Controller
Head of the Rumford Falls & Buckfield Railroad
Get to know more about this remarkable Maine man.

This standing exhibit is housed in the Norlands’ Mansion.  

It is open to the public as part of your general admission site tour.